Share and Corporate Information

Share Price


4.30 EGP


-1.83 %

Currency Egyptian Pound (EGP)
Market Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX)
Sector Non-Bank Financial Services
Ticker CNFN.CA
ISIN Code EGS738I1C018
Total Issued Shares 1,196,974,000
Authorized Capital EGP 1,000,000,000
Issued and Paid-Up Capital EGP 191,515,840
Par Value / Share EGP 0.16
Fiscal Year 1 January - 31 December
Name of Auditor KPMG Hazem Hassan

Ownership structure

Egyptian American Enterprise Fund (EAEF) 42.01 %
Orascom Investment Holding 29.25 %
Management & Employees 13.45 %
Bahubaish Family 7.30 %
Free Float 7.99 %
Egyptian American Enterprise Fund (EAEF) 42.01
Orascom Investment Holding 29.25
Management & Employees 13.45
Bahubaish Family 7.30
Free Float 7.99
Company's Legal Name Contact Financial Holding, an Egyptian Joint Stock Company
Legal Form and Law of Governance The Company is an Egyptian joint stock company subject to the provisions of Law 95/1992, and the Law’s executive regulations and amendments thereto.
Incorporation, Purpose of the Company, Conversion and Governing Law The Company was incorporated in accordance with the approval of the Companies Authority to incorporate Sarwa Capital for Financial Advisory, SAE (before amendment) pursuant to the provisions of Law 159/1981 on 10 March 2009. The Company was registered at Cairo Investment Commercial Registry Office under No. 37933 on 30 March 2009. On 12 June 2017, the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Company resolved to change the name of the Company to Sarwa Capital Holding for Financial Investments and to convert the Company from an operational entity (pursuant to the provisions of Law 159/1981) to a holding company pursuant to the provisions of Law 95/1992 and the Executive Regulations thereof (“Conversion”). The object of the Company was amended to be: to participate in the incorporation of companies issuing securities or in capital increases of the same. The changes were approved by the FRA according to Resolution No. 178/2018 and the Company was registered in the Commercial Register under No. 78317 on 18 March 2018 at the South Cairo Commercial Registry Office. The Articles of Association of the Company (“Articles of Association”) were published in the Companies’ Investment Gazette on 28 March 2018.
Date of Activity Commencement Pursuant to the provisions of Law No. 95/1992, the Law’s Executive Regulations as amended and the Resolutions issued in practice thereof, the Chairman of the FRA issued Resolution No. (523) dated 18 April 2018 licensing the Company to engage in the activity of participating in the incorporation of companies issuing securities or in capital increases of the same. The Company was listed on the FRA’s related register under No. (756) dated 18 April 2018.
Term of the Company The term of the Company was twenty five years, starting on 30 March 2009 to 29 March 2034. Following the conversion of the Company from an operating entity to a holding company and application of Law 95/1992, the term was amended to be another 25 years, which commenced on 18 March 2018, the date of the Company’s entry on the Commercial Registry, and ends on 17 March 2043.
Listing Date 19 September 2018
Head Office The head office of the Company is located at 7 Champollion Street, Tahrir, Cairo. Tel: +202 25757775, Fax: +202 27730830. The website of the Company is
Subsidiaries Contact Credit SAE - Contact Mortgage Finance SAE - Contact Insurance Brokerage SAE - Contact Factoring SAE - Contact Leasing SAE - Sawa Payment Systems SAE - Wadi Degla Financial LLC - Contact Specialized Consulting LLC - Contact CrediTech - Bavarian–Contact Car Trading SAE - Star Auto Credit LLC - Contact-Egyptian International Motor Credit LLC - Modern Finance LLC - Ezz-Elarab Contact Financial LLC - Sarwa Insurance SAE - Sarwa Life Insurance SAE - Capital Real Estate SAE - Motor Care Service LLC - Motor Care Egypt LLC - Easy Finance Consulting Kenya Limited - SMG Financial Services LLC - Sarwa Promotion & Underwriting SAE - Sarwa Securitization SAE - Sarwa Asset Management SAE - Sarwa Sukuk SAE - Egyptian Credit Services SAE - Egyptian International Trading LLC
Board of Directors
Hazem Moussa - Chairman of the Board of Directors
Amr Lamei - Deputy Chairman
Said Zater - Managing Director of Contact Financial Holding & Group CEO
Ashraf Zaki - Board Member
Mohamed Sadek - Board Member
Mohamed Abdel Halim - Board Member
Amr Abaza - Board Member
Safaya Borhan - Board Member
Nils Bachtler - Board Member
Karim Hussein - Independent Board Member
Karim Zein - Independent Board Member
Zeinab Hashem - Independent Board Member
Pharos Holding Bassma Bakry
EFG Hermes Elena Sanchez

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