At a Glance

Contact Financial Holding (previously Sarwa Capital Holding) is the largest non-bank financial services provider in Egypt and has been changing the way businesses and individuals access financial and insurance services. With roots dating back to 2001, the company has tailored an innovative and holistic service offering that has allowed it to develop simple and user-friendly solutions. By leveraging a strategic network of subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners, the company is able to deliver its innovative offering to a diverse and comprehensive client base across the nation.

Contact Financial Holding offers its suite of financial and insurance services through a comprehensive portfolio of subsidiaries. The Group offers consumer financing for new and used passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as an array of consumer durables through Contact Credit. The Group also provides home finishing through Contact Mortgages, and commercial financing through Contact Leasing and Contact Factoring. Additionally, the Group provides consumer financing for a wide array of retail products through Contact Shopping. Moreover, the Company is able to provide premium insurance services for the Group’s clients through Sarwa Insurance and Sarwa Life Insurance. On the corporate financing front, the Company has been able to tap debt capital markets and has brought to market a range of structured financing services, including securitization and debt investment management, through Sarwa Capital.

It is worth highlighting that the Group has re-branded its financing activities, initially under the Sarwa brand, to the Contact brand in 2020. However, the Group’s insurance and debt capital markets activities will retain the Sarwa brand. In early 2021, the Board of Directors proposed changing the Group’s name from “Sarwa Capital Holding” to “Contact Financial Holding” to better reflect the composition of the business and its leading position within the consumer financial services space. The name change was approved on February 15th, 2021 by the shareholders during an Extraordinary General Meeting and is subject to regulatory approvals.